Self Care Checklist

In the first column put a check next to the self-care items you enjoy. In the second column put a check next to the self-care activities you currently participate in.


______    ______    Going for a walk


______    ______    Listening to music


______    ______    Spending time with pets


______    ______    Spending time with friends


______    ______    Getting a massage


______    ______    Reading a good book


______    ______    Meditate


______    ______    Doing art


______    ______    Going to a museum


______    ______    Exercise


______    ______    Yoga


______    ______    Counseling


______    ______    Watch a funny or heartwarming movie


______    ______    Play a musical instrument


______    ______    Give yourself a pedicure/manicure


______    ______    Take a bubble bath


______    ______    Cooking/baking


______    ______    Listening to a favorite podcast


______    ______    Going for a drive


______    ______    Burning a scented candle or diffusing oils


______    ______    Calling a friend or family member

______    ______    Just sitting. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go.


How did you do?


What are one to three things you would want to incorporate more into your self-care routine?


Need some motivation for why self care is important? Read here about one big reason to take time for yourself.  Need some further motivation? Reach out! I love working with clients in the Charlotte area helping them to explore how to implement self-care in their lives!



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