Does counseling really work?

Is counseling worth the investment?


Sometimes talking about counseling can be a challenging thing.  It is an intangible thing that you can’t touch or see, and yet it changes lives everyday. And I think that because it is an intangible thing it can lead to a certain amount of skepticism or doubt. I mean, why spend my hard earned money and valuable time on something I cannot physically keep or show off to friends?


When I think about what is gained from counseling I see a shift in perspective, a clearer and more objective view. Often we learn that we have been selling ourselves short, doubting ourselves, and not always sticking up for ourselves and our needs. The reality is you are more beautiful, capable, and powerful than you think.  Let me say that again.




I know, I know you are wondering, “How can you say that? You don’t even know me.” I know this because I have yet to meet a client where this is not true. It’s as if we all carry this self-doubt close to our chest and hope that no one will see. But what if you did not have to carry it anymore? Or carry less of it? The imposter syndrome does not need to stay!


 Counseling helps us to unpack that bag of self doubt and leave it behind and to see ourselves as we truly are. Suddenly, investing in counseling makes all the sense in the world.  It is not investing time and money into something unseen. It is investing money in you! Because you are worth it. And the return on investment is huge! And who wouldn’t want to do that?


Ask yourself: How would my life be different if I knew to my core how truly beautiful, capable, and powerful I am?


Maybe take a second and jot a few of these thoughts down on a pad of paper or in your phone.  This is the first step of your journey! Seeing where your journey can take you.





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Theresa Leskowat MS LPC is Founder and Owner of Clear Vista Counseling. Theresa has been providing counseling since 2010. Theresa has extensive experience providng therapy for anxiety and following major life transitions.