What are the benefits of counseling?

Counseling is an investment of time and money. And often we have to work through hard feelings. So why would anyone ever choose to do it?


Have you ever noticed that two people can have the same experience and have two totally different reactions to it? Maybe its something as simple as taking a test. One person may be calm, cool and collected while someone else feels overcome with anxiety. Or maybe its traffic. One person waits patiently while the person behind them is laying on their horn.


Counseling is moving toward living a life of purpose and intention.


We can choose how we respond. To anything. Counseling helps us to learn how to do that. And when choose how to respond to the things in our life in a healthier way it causes this amazing ripple effect!


When we are brave enough to walk through the first door of opportunity, another one always seems to appear. We move closer to our goals. And we start to let go of those things that have been holding us back. We begin to live the life we always dreamed.


And who wouldn’t want that??


Other things that often occur in this ripple effect? We begin to experience improvements in our relationships. And often we become healthier physically as we start to become more intentional regarding food and exercise.


One of the comments I hear again and again in my office is clients saying they wished they had come to counseling sooner. So yes, there are challenging things that occur in counseling, difficult things we work through. But what we usually find is that on the other side of the hard things is a lightness and a happiness that is deep and oh so rewarding