What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the feeling of uneasiness we all get sometimes, however some people feel it more often than others.  Anxiety is that feeling of a fast beating heart and queasy stomach. Anxiety is when our brain is ready to launch into fight or flight mode at anytime, or maybe it lives in that mode. Anxiety is the relentless stream of “what ifs”.


“What if this doesn’t work?”

“What if I fail?”

“What if I look stupid?”

“What if something bad happens?”


Anxiety can be a constant feeling or it can be brought on by an “anxiety trigger”. Things that bring on anxiety could include crowds, traffic, talking to new people, going to new places, or starting a new relationship.


Anxiety can cause disturbances in our daily lives. Anxiety can lead to someone feeling keyed up or on edge. Anxiety can wear us out making us feel tired. Anxiety can make it hard for us to concentrate or cause our mind to go blank. Anxiety can cause us to feel irritable or have muscle tension. Anxiety can interfere with our sleep. This can look like us having trouble falling asleep, having restless sleep, or most famously anxiety is known to wake people up in the middle of the night and make it difficult to fall back asleep.


But what if there was another way to live life?


What if you could live your life free of the constant worry?

What if you could learn to relax and let go?

What if you could learn to enjoy the moment for exactly what it is?


These things are possible. I see it everyday with my clients. How cool it is to see clients take back their live. To move from feeling like they are just hanging on for this wild ride called life to a place of taking control of their life.